Bald is beautiful, we’re often told. Or more likely, men are told this.

Males dealing with thinning hair, or general hair loss, are often encouraged to shave it all off and rock the well-polished chrome dome look, or at least a tight buzz cut. With the right scalp care regimen, guys can look downright dapper.

But this look is much harder to pull off for women. Instead, most women facing thinning hair will feel self-conscious. Although there are certainly some lovely synthetic locks out there that could be fun to show off once in a while, wigs can be hot, heavy, and simply no substitute for the real thing.

Fortunately, OBI BioAesthetic Institute is proud to offer our patients an exciting option for hair growth services.

We use a specially-formulated synthetic growth factor that stimulates the scalp so it begins producing hair again, as well as rejuvenating existing hair.

This minimally invasive procedure takes about 20 minutes per treatment. The treatment consists of infusing the protein-based product in the form of a topical serum and rubbing it into the patient’s scalp. The procedure has been designed to offer minimal discomfort.

This non-surgical technique rejuvenates the patient’s scalp, which stimulates the production of collagen. More collagen is able to encourage the growth process of skin, hair follicles, and existing hair. This can lead to thicker hair with greater volume. Our patients also report that their hair feels younger and has a brighter shine to it.

This process has been approved by the FDA as a safe and affordable way to reduce any natural hair loss that’s taking place. It has also been formulated to encourage the growth of existing hair and new hair in places it used to grow.

Our providers combine the serum with a procedure called microneedling or micro-stamping, where tiny needles are interested into the scalp. This precise process opens the epidermis area of the skin. As it heals, it boost collagen levels and create new cells.

By itself, the procedure can take about 20 minutes, and patients may begin to see results as early as three to four weeks.

When combined with microneedling or micro-stamping, the serum will be able to travel deeper into the scalp which potentially creates a faster process with fewer treatments needed.