With a few exceptions, we all seem fine with hair on our heads. Plus, on the right guy, some facial hair can be downright handsome and classy.

But hair in other places can be considered less attractive or even unwanted, which is why we spend so much time and money trying to get rid of it. Women especially seek all sorts of ways to get rid of hair on their legs, in their armpits, their faces, and other areas.

Style-conscious men also don’t mind the occasional manscaping which can get rid of extra hair on their back, shoulders, and more.

To make this process easier, less painful, and longer-lasting than many other common hair removal options, OBI Bioaesthetic Institute is proud to offer laser hair removal.

At our institute in Jacksonville Beach, you can learn all about this process which involves a skilled expert using a finely-tuned laser to destroy hair follicles in a desired area. This process keeps the follicles from producing new hair in these spots. In comparison, even a good close shave only cuts back growing hair and follicles, and hair keeps on growing.

Over a series of laser sessions with our staff, you’ll reduce hair growth in the targeted areas. We recommend returning about once a year for a touch-up and to see if any hair has come back. Often, some hair grows back but lighter than before.

Some irritation and redness in areas where the laser was used is possible for a few days, but most patients say any minor discomfort is worth it, especially when compared to a regular regimen of shaving.

Typically, we recommend six to eight treatments, generally scheduled five to seven weeks apart. This timing takes advantage of the hair’s natural growth cycle, and schedules the next visit at a time of optimal growth. 

There are definitely some significant cost savings involved when laser hair removal is compared to traditional methods like shaving: you will no longer need to stock up on grooming tools on a regular basis like razors and skin lotions or see how much life you can get out of a disposable razor before it no longer functions.

We’re happy to meet with you and discuss options for hair removal.