Those who have been dealing with a medical condition called acquired blepharoptosis, better known as droopy eye, have a new option for help: a prescription eyedrop called UPNEEQ® .

The condition causes one or both upper eyelids to cover part of the eye, making the person look perpetually sleepy. It’s noticeable and can cause many people to feel self-conscious.

But now oxymetazoline hydrochloride, or UPNEEQ® , is available in the form of an eyedrop, which makes it easy for patients to apply it directly in their eye. It provides temporary relief from the discomfort and also reduce the amount of drooping.


At the Obi Institute, we’re proud to make UPNEEQ®  available to our patients. To get starered, All it takes is a quick meeting with their health care provider to discuss their current condition as well as possible side effects of this type of medicine.

Then, after the provider signs off on the prescription, the patient can place an order at the Obi Institute. We’ll arrange for the UPNEEQ®  to be shipped directly to their home.

Typically, patients are told to use one eyedrop in each affected eye once a day for a certain number of days. People who wear soft contact lenses are encouraged to remove them prior to applying UPNEEQ® , and then waiting at least 15 minutes. Putting the contacts in early could lead to discomfort or even staining of the contact