The only downside of more ink in the world is that there is also a little more regret out there.

Tattoos are certainly becoming normalized, and their popularity among all ages and demographic groups has also come to mean that some might be a little too casual about what they put on themselves, perhaps forgetting or not realizing that permanent is a real, real long time.

As people’s lives change, they may later have second thoughts about some of the tattoos they received earlier in their life. Perhaps all they could afford at the time was a low-quality design, or perhaps they once wanted an image or message that no longer fits their values and circumstances today. (watch out for those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends!) But unless it’s a temporary job, you’re pretty much stuck with this bad choice for the rest of your life, unless you want painful surgery, can conceal it, or are able to find a skilled artist who is able to transform your creation into something else.

Today, however, there are more options to remove a tattoo, including an innovative laser available at OBI Bioaesthetic Institute.

The safe laser effectively targets different layers of the tattoo below the skin by sending out a photo-acoustic shock wave. This breaks any detected tattoo pigmentation into small particles, which are then easily sent into the bloodstream so they can be eliminated from the body.

Because the laser is precisely coordinated, the non-invasive procedure only targets certain types of colors and substances used in tattoo ink, and won’t burn nearby skin.

The laser is flexible so able to reach different points on the body. It also can work with different skin types. We also apply an accessory product that makes each laser removal procedure faster with more effective results.

One session typically is under 30 minutes. We can’t tell you how many sessions will be required, since everyone’s tattoo are a little bit different in terms of size, location and composition. Different colors may take longer, and older tattoos also may require additional visits.

We’re happy to meet with you and discuss options for removal.