We love our patients! We recently had a patient whose goal was to get back to her pre-pregnancy pant size. We came up with a tailored CoolSculpting plan for her, and she sent us a great recap of her experience as she achieved her goal.

“Ah, pregnancy…definitely a journey to be cherished. Though, I wish someone had filled me in honestly about the jelly belly to follow! After my last child, and an urgent hysterectomy, I faced the realization that my tummy had taken on a life of its own. I contemplated my options, and decided that exercise was the fix. Boy, was I wrong. Although I whittled down to my twenty-something weight, my abdominal pooch stubbornly persisted. Since I was doing my best to eat well and exercise reasonably, I decided to try CoolSculpting. I’m thrilled that I did! 

Jenifer listened attentively to my needs, provided realistic guidance to bolster my nutrition and hormonal balance, and thoroughly explained the CoolSculpting procedure. She made different suggestions regarding possible treatment areas, but ultimately focused on what was most important to me. We took before photos, and Jenifer carefully took measurements to assure precise placement of the applicators for maximum benefit. After changing clothes, I was comfortably situated in a private, elegant room. The gel soaked pads and applicators were positioned with pillows supporting them. The first two minutes are a pretty strange sensation- suction, cold, and a bit prickly. But, the remainder of the cycle was pretty nondescript. I read and nibbled a snack while the procedure was in progress. In truth, the two minute kneading of the chilled tissue afterwards was my least favorite. It felt a bit like I was bruised, however it resolved within a couple hours.

So, am I happy with the results? Absolutely! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! Although in my 50s, I’m comfortably wearing the pant size I wore prior to my first pregnancy. OBI BioAesthetic Institute is definitely a practice devoted to helping “real” women love their bodies inside and out.”

Before CoolSculpting After CoolSculpting


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