Stubborn Fat Culprits

If you have stubborn fat, or unable to shed the pounds as easy as you used to – despite your efforts to eat right, exercise, and take your vitamins every morning – you may have a hormone imbalance which has you hardwired to put on pounds.

Even when we think we are being healthy, hormonal triggers to unwanted weight gain are too often neglected or overlooked. Testing can help you find the answer. In the meantime, let us review the collective wisdom on eight big culprits behind unwanted weight gain and stubborn fat (for more details on each of the following eight culprits, please refer to the Weight Gain Culprits blog for June 2019).

  1. You may have an estrogen to progesterone imbalance.
  2. You’re not getting enough vitamin D.
  3. You have high cortisol levels.
  4. You are eating processed “healthy.”
  5. You are eating too much fat.
  6. You are skimping on quality sleep.
  7. You’re not eating your cruciferous vegetables.
  8. You are not strength training or getting enough exercise.

In a nutshell, eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep are essentials that help keep hormones in balance, weight under control and stubborn fat at bay. At OBI BioAesthetic Institute we can help you identify and correct stubborn fat culprits, and we also offer CoolSculpting! CoolSculpting is an effective non-invasive treatment to permanently freeze fat away.

At OBI your wellness, from the inside – out, is our focus. We customize treatment plans based on the patient’s symptoms, imbalance and preferences. Since our mission is to advocate patients’ wellness, we will partner with you, implementing Integrative Medicine options personalized to your needs and empower you to be an ambassador of your health through daily habits that facilitate wellness.

The team at OBI BioAesthetic Institute invites you to bridge the best you, from the inside – out. Call today (904) 273-5454 to schedule your personalized Aesthetic Medicine consultation with Gerrie M. Obi, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, CPSN.