When Stubborn Fat Won’t Budge


CoolSculpting® at OBI Can Take You Further

Despite regular exercise and a balanced diet, many individuals experience areas of stubborn, resistant fat. Do you have stubborn fat?  Well, when stubborn fat won’t budge, CoolSculpting® at OBI BioAesthetic Institute can take you further.

CoolSculpting is a unique fat-freezing technology that is nonsurgical, noninvasive and requires no downtime! CoolSculpting’s fat technology provides long-term results by achieving a temperature which freezes fat. Once the stubborn fat cells are frozen, the body will naturally eliminate the dead cells over the course of one to three months. The result – an up to 20% to 25% permanent reduction of fat in the area treated.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment for stubborn fat on multiple areas of the body: submental (under the chin), submandibular (under the jaw), upper arms, abdomen and flanks, back fat, bra fat, thighs and underneath the buttocks (better known as the banana roll). It is also FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of lax tissue with treatment to the submental area (under the chin). At OBI BioAesthetic Institute we customize your CoolSculpting treatment plan to address your stubborn fat concerns. Furthermore, we have two CoolSculpting units to cut the treatment time in half!

At OBI BioAesthetic Institute your wellness, from the inside – out, is our focus. We customize treatment plans based on the patient’s concerns and preferences. Since our mission is to advocate our patients’ wellness, we will partner with our patients, implementing options personalized to their needs to achieve their goals.

The team at OBI BioAesthetic Institute invites you to bridge the best you, from the inside – out. Call today (904) 273-5454 to schedule your personalized Aesthetic Medicine consultation with Gerrie M. Obi, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, CPSN.