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Silhouette InstaLift

Silhouette InstaLift; the Non-surgical Facelift

Silhouette InstaLift is an FDA-cleared state of the art suspension suture which offers the dual benefit of a lift, as well as the stimulation of collagen, […]

Silhouette InstaLift2019-08-05T19:02:46+00:00

Weight Gain Culprits

If you have been gaining weight, or unable to shed the pounds as easy as you used to – despite your efforts to eat right, exercise, and take your vitamins […]

Weight Gain Culprits2019-06-21T14:34:02+00:00

Benefits of Progesterone

The main cause of hormone-related health problems in women is not due to the absolute deficiency of estrogen or progesterone but rather the relative dominance of estrogen and relative deficiency […]

Benefits of Progesterone2019-04-01T18:56:17+00:00

Best Lip Injectors for the Perfect Pout

best lip injectorsThe lips are a key component of a beautiful and attractive face. As a result, lips that are flat, dull, disproportionate […]

Best Lip Injectors for the Perfect Pout2019-04-01T18:56:27+00:00

Dual CoolSculpting® in Jacksonville, FL

You may be familiar with the term CoolSculpting®, which is a method of freezing fat cells to get rid of excess body fat. The popularity of CoolSculpting® is growing exponentially […]

Dual CoolSculpting® in Jacksonville, FL2019-04-01T18:56:42+00:00

PDT, IPL™ and Light Therapy for the Face in Jacksonville, FL

There are many cosmetic procedures available today to rejuvenate facial skin. Among the most popular are photofacial treatments, meaning those non-invasive procedures that use light in some form or fashion […]

PDT, IPL™ and Light Therapy for the Face in Jacksonville, FL2019-04-01T18:56:56+00:00

Sclerotherapy 101: What You Need to Know

If you have spider veins, you may already be familiar with the feelings caused by their unsightliness. They can affect your self-esteem, simply because they’re not particularly attractive, and over […]

Sclerotherapy 101: What You Need to Know2019-04-01T18:58:15+00:00